Monday, June 8, 2015

Quilting, The next Frontier

So I have decided to try and learn something new every year, and this year it is quilting! This is something that has always been a desire, as I feel like it is a dying art. I started by taking a Quilting 101 class with my best friend Molly at My Girlfriends Quilt Shop in Logan UT, and let me say that if you are wanting to learn then this is the place! It was a 4 week class and when it was over I had the beautiful gray and teal quilt! My next class I took the Metro Rings class also at My Girlfriends Quilt Shop! It is the beautiful RED quilt that I finished for my little boy, who I might add loves it. My most recent quilt that I am currently quilting on my home sewing machine (A first for me) is my queen size "Grandmothers Window" and I am still working on the quilting part. Then I will Bind it and it will live on my bed. I love quilting, it is a beautiful art form that lasts life times, and can be passed from generation to generation! I can't wait to start my next project!

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